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A perfect combination of style and design

Illuminati is a designer brand establishing itself on the European marketplace (and beyond), an intelligent choice, with a range of products marked by a carefully researched style. This often takes the form of new and original products, conceived and designed by internal and external designers.


We use both Italian and foreign designers to create a fusion of styles and points of view that translates into an international vision. We interpret the trends and requests that reach us from different countries and transform them into lighting products that always aim to provide a touch of originality.

  This is why Illuminati products often tend to make use of "re-invented" forms, designs inspired by the past but that also combine new aesthetics with cutting-edge technologies.

In the world of contemporary design, Illuminati has become a point of reference for the most demanding architects, those charged with choosing lighting solutions for homes and hotels, those that love beautiful things and those that use light to decorate spaces. All this without losing sight of the more traditional and classical designs in our product catalogue, which are added to each year.
Outlets that offer Illuminati products are always pleased to receive new input to refresh their point of view of the sector, often discovering new products and relying on prompt service.


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